Leadership & Marketing

Solomon taught that humility precedes wisdom (Prov. 11:2), and wisdom empowers real leadership. The Apostle Paul gave leaders the humility grid to use in order to make wise marketing decisions. He said that we need to look for the sweet spot where three interests intersect: (1) ours, (2) others, (2) and God’s in Christ (Philippians 2:3-5). Here we find the Real Deal in leadership and marketing.

Two thousand years later, marketing professors teach business students about the four “P’s” of marketing: price, product, placement, and promotion. However, without wisdom in finding the sweet spot, they are merely selfish tools. King Solomon recorded wisdom for the four pillars of marketing in the book of Proverbs. Learn ten insights that apply God’s righteousness to the Real deal in leadership and marketing.



    Week #1
    Episode 89: Leadership & Marketing, Part 1: Price
    Original air date: April 15th, 2012
    Week #2
    Episode 90: Leadership & Marketing, Part 2: Product
    Original air date: April 22nd, 2012
    Week #3
    Episode 91: Leadership & Marketing, Part 3: Placement
    Original air date: April 29th, 2012
    Week #4
    Episode 92: Leadership & Marketing, Part 4: Promotion
    Original air date: May 6th, 2012