Episode 484: Zacchaeus with Stuart Kruse

Season 19: Episode 15 | Duration: 28:30
Originally aired October 18th, 2020

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At the beginning of 2020, my boyfriend and I of 2 years and I broke up. I was heartbroken but realised God wanted this for me. He realised I had fallen into depression and was anxious and there was no one who could get me out of this slump. I was heartbroken and saw no hope,... FULL STORY


Do you daily seek the face of God? Are you consistently focusing on His presence? Too often, we seek only the hand of God, specifically, what He can do for us. We want the gifts at the expense of the ...

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Mitch Kruse

The Restoration Road with Mitch Kruse can be seen weekly throughout the world on multiple Christian television networks, as well as NBC, ABC, and MyTV in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This 30-minute broadcast, set in a collector car backdrop, teaches the Bible through stories of restoration. FULL STORY

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Is there anything in your life that needs restoration? Like a classic car that needs restoration, each one of us must surrender our old basket case of a life to the Restorer who desires to return us to His original design.

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